Pot Belly Pigs

Just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund scientific research around the nutritional break down of fodder at various stages of growth for our book on Fodder. Please check it out!

Piglets ($150) - We usually have a bunch of pot belly babies (with more on the way). With any batch of babies we raise them by hand to get them used to humans sooner rather than later (and to keep their mama from sitting on them!). These little guys are always bottle fed several times a day. They are handled by the family (many kids) and interact with our dogs and cats often.


Previous piglet

We recently had a liter of pot belly piglets. We had 9 of these little guys! We are down to one black male (pictured above in my hand - though he is quite a bit bigger now). Since he has stayed on the farm the longest he has had the luxury of staying in the house with the family equally long. He is now pretty spoiled and will make a great indoor pet. He is fully potty trained. And has started to move over to solid foods. As he was bottle fed for the first few weeks and he took a little longer than most to stop drinking milk.

He is a very happy pig. He loves to be held and scratched about his ears. And he will flop over on his side to for some good belly rubbings! Great pig.