Free range rabbits

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We currently raise meat rabbits with two breeds being our primary focus. The majority of our animals are Californian rabbits. We also raise Silver Fox rabbits.

On our farm we believe that animals should be raised as close as possible to how you might find them in nature. For that reason we choose not to keep our bunnies locked up in small cages all of the time. Instead we keep our rabbits in specially made rabbit tractors.

Our rabbit tractors are 4' wide and 8' long. They are 2' tall and have corrugated roofs covering the entire enclosure. The majority of the sides of enclosure is left open so that they can get nice breezes and sun light as needed.

Raising our rabbits in tractors such as this allows us to move the family to new grasses each and every day. This serves two primary purposes. One of course is to give them a nice fresh salad bar of food every day. The other is to break any pest cycle that might occur by keeping the animals living in their own waste.

Unlike the standard rabbit hutch where the bunny undergoes a very confined lifestyle, our rabbits are free to run and play. Rabbits love to run and play! Watching their antics is something else. There is no TV like farm tv.

If you are interested in rabbits to feed your family or simply as a new member of your family, come visit us on the farm. We almost always have a new brood of fuzzy baby bunnies. If not we are happy to put your name on the list.

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