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The Cornish Cross is the most remarkable meat producing bird we have ever seen. Special matings produce chicks with broad breasts, big thighs, white plumage, and yellow skin. The rapid growth of these chicks is fantastic and the feed efficiency is remarkable. Contrary to popular belief, these are not genetically modified animals. This breed was formulated over a great many years through selective breeding. We have tried all sorts of different heritage breeds for our meat production and have found that the Cornish Cross is the untouchable leader for meat production.

Currently Available We just received 100 Cornish Cross / Rocks. They will be ready for you around the middle of November. We plan to have around 100 birds available each month. If you are interested in pre-ordering some of these birds please contact us and we will add you to the broiler list.

Check out how we raise our pasture raised poultry.


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What do I get when buying a chicken from you?

Many people wonder what the experience will be like when buying a chicken direct from a farmer. To be honest, it isn't much different than when buying a chicken from the store. Our birds look just like a store bought bird. They even come in freezer ready shrink wrap bags. The difference is inside. They are pasture raised and only get to eat good natural stuff. We don't feed them other chicken parts. They don't get stuck living next to so many chickens they can't move. They get to forage on fresh grass every day. They have very happy chicken lives.