Just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund scientific research around the nutritional break down of fodder at various stages of growth for our book on Fodder. Please check it out!

Living on a working farm such as ours is always interesting. We frequently have something for sale that is not listed in our CSA or taken with us to the farmers market. Check back here often to see what's for sale right now. Or in the case of critters what is coming up!

On the ground now

Red Wattle Hogs

We have several batches of piglets on the property now. Contact us at any time to find out what we currently have available. We offer piglets to be raised out as a feeder on your property. We also sell select cuts, 1/2 a pig, and whole pigs a few times a year. Let us know what you are interested in.

Our big reds are a wonderful bunch of pigs. They are certainly part of our family. We walk out to the field and holler "here pig pig pigs" and boy do they come-a-running! They are friendly and easy to keep. The girls make wonderful mothers. All of them are great foragers. Ours live on pasture and eat supplemental fodder and corn. Come see us and the pigs if you have a chance.

See more information and pricing about our red wattles here!


**AVAILABLE DEC 7TH** - We just had another delivery of broiler chicks. This time we got 100 Cornish Cross/Rocks broilers instead of the black broilers we got previously. Contact us quickly to get your pre-order in so that we don't come up short on processing day. These chickens will be ready for processing on the 7th of December. Follow the blog or see us on facebook to keep up to date on the progress of the birds.

Do you deliver to Austin? We already have several orders from the Austin area. If you are in Austin we will arrange a drop off location as the date gets closer. We already have several Austin customers.


Ducks are one of our favorite farm animals to have wandering around the property. They are great at keeping the population of our bugs down. And we like to have them mixed in with our pigs to provide this bug destroying service to them. They are also a very funny critter to watch. Their antics are always entertaining.

Duck eggs are usually quite a bit bigger than chicken eggs. However, not everyone enjoys the taste of duck eggs in an omelet. No worries though - quite a few people use their duck eggs in their baking projects.

Take a look at our ducks page to see what we currently have available. We almost always have a new batch of birds on the ground.

And if you are interested in learning more about our poultry practice in general take a look at our pastured poultry page.

Coming very soon

Pot Belly Pigs

We take great pride in raising the most friendly pot belly pigs for your family. Take a look here for more on the pot belly pigs we currently have available. Or contact us to get your name put on the list for future liters of pot belly piglets.

Pigs in general are considered the 4th smartest animal in the world. Pigs, unlike dogs, have to trust you to like you. Don't plan on training your pig with a will quickly learn to dislike you and will never trust you again. Pigs are wicked smart!


We are slowly getting into the production of pasture raised rabbits. So far we have chosen to breed Californian rabbits and Silver Foxes. Our rabbits are now of age and we are expecting a litter of babies any day now! Check out our pasture raised rabbits page for more information on how we are raising our rabbits. And watch our rabbits page for our upcoming critters.

Most people are interested in what happens to the animals prior to getting them in your kitchen. Let us share our ideas on production and how we go about butchering our critters.