Just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund scientific research around the nutritional break down of fodder at various stages of growth for our book on Fodder. Please check it out!


There is only one thing that I personally like more than just about anything else - sharing what I know! At our farm we are open to show anybody anything we do on our farm. Got a question? Fire away! Ask us at any time. Want to see how something works on our farm? Ask us and we will happily show you. Want to copy our approach on your farm? I would love to help you any time.

Free range

Cows weren't made to eat corn. Pigs weren't made to eat grass. Geese weren't made to have their throats force fed to produce big fatty livers! On our farm we prefer to let the animal live a happy natural life where they eat what they would normally eat in the manner that they would normally eat it. We do occasionally supplement our animals as needed - but only with foods that the animal would normally consume otherwise.

All natural

As stated in the free range section we are all about letting our animals be true to themselves. Our pigs get to root up our fields in search for tasty bits of food. Our rabbits get to wander about in the grass nibbling down blades of grass. Our chickens get to scratch all day in the sun chasing bugs. And our sheep get to hang with their friends in a flock while mowing down our grass all day. Everyone is kept happy at all times. And they are all treated with the utmost respect!


We think people should be eating closer to home. There are many reasons for this but here are just a few.

  • Eating local means you are getting your food as soon as it becomes food. For animals this means you are getting it directly after it is slaughtered. For produce you are getting it after it is picked. This means that it is fresh. But it also means that in the case of industrial meats and veggies you are getting food that is not treated with more chemicals to make it appear as though your food is still fresh...event though it is at least a week old!
  • Eating local also means there is a much smaller foot print placed on our environment. As there is no shipping required...there is no gas used in driving the food across the country. Also, as local food generally doesn't need to be shipped over are using even less gas!
  • Eating local gives you the ability to inspect where your food is created! You can come to the farm at any time (during business hours of course) and take a look at how things are done. Ask questions. Get to know your local farmers.
For all of these reasons - and many more - we don't ship our food beyond our local communities. We don't want to be responsible for 5 day old food landing on your dinner plate. There are so many local farms (well perhaps not so many any more) that you should be able to find someone just like us close to your neighborhood.