Inspecting our fresh water well

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Inspecting our fresh water well
8/15/2013 3:48:12 AM

We have had a well pipe sticking up out of the ground since we had this place.  We have never looked at it much as we were a ways out from needing it.  Well…we need a well now!  So we popped off the cap to take a peak inside.  We dropped a line (with washers tied to the end) and found that about 30 feet down there is indeed water.  Then we tied a rag to the washer end and lowered it down.  We were able to soak up what seemed like pretty clean water for having never been messed with in who knows how long.  I brought up a soaking wet rag of semi dingy looking water.  It smelled and tasted ok.  Now we need to get it tested by someone.  Then comes the next project of installing a well pump down the tube.  Once we have running water we will have to get a water tower erected.  Then a 4” pipe ran down the middle of our field to water the hogs, sheep (coming soon), and goats.

Here is the first test to establish that we did or did not have water down there.


Here is the second test to see what sort of water we had down there.

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