Another farm tour

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Another farm tour
8/12/2013 2:55:32 AM

We had a great visit with what started out as a potential customer today.  We met on an Elgin buy/sell FB group when I first started talking about our black broilers.  He has been trying to stop by several times over the past week or so to see our operation.  And he was finally able to stop by today with his wife, three kids, and a visitor they had with them.

Having young kids come by the farm is probably one of my most favorite things about having this farm.  I remember the first time I went to a real farm as a child.  I got to see a full size hog.  I remember once having a baby cow nurse my four fingers on a school field trip.  Having lots of chickens or ducks running about your feet was always fun.  So having little guys come by, whether they have seen a farm before or not, is always fun.

We got to take them around the farm.  We started at the chicken tractor where our black broilers are currently mowing the grass.  Then we went in the house where we showed our fodder system and then went to see our pig infirmary.  Next we went to the paddocks that are near the house to see all the egg layers, ducks, geese, and pot bellies.  Then we passed by the barn to pick up some corn prior to heading out to see all the red waddle hogs and piglets.  Of course we said hello to Billy (the pain in the butt) goat.  And then the horses.  Finally we made it all the way back to the back field where we got to say hello to the donkey’s and their baby.  Then the kids took over and showed everyone around our little forest and pond.


Then we had a long chat about all sorts of things that it appears that most country Texas folk seem to have in common.  Guns, zombies, mud runs, home schooling, 3 gun, our kids, custom guns and 1000 meter shooting, a little bit of church, horses, and a whole slew of other things.  All in all a very good visit!

Turns out they live just a few miles over in another town.  We may pop over next week to say howdy to them and see their ranch!

If you are curious about our farm, a potential customer with questions, or a returning customer that wants to see where your food is coming from – feel free to schedule a visit to the farm any time – family and all!  We really enjoy sharing our way of life with others.

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