Black broilers update

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Black broilers update
8/12/2013 2:53:23 AM

Figured I should toss out a status for our black broilers that are due in the September/October time frame.  These little guys are doing awesome.  They are still loving their tractor enclosure!  Every day they get moved to a new patch of grass which brings with it a menagerie of grass hoppers and various other bugs.  I think the grass hoppers are their absolute favorite though as when a chick catches a grass hopper it quickly takes off sprinting.  It knows (or thinks) that everyone will want what it caught.  The funny part is that as soon as the little chick takes off in a sprint it signals to everyone that someone just caught a bug!  Who ever is out front gets chased and possibly pounced.  Just cause you caught a bug…doesn’t mean you will get to keep it!  Frequently the one with the bug will drop back into the pack and do a 90 degree maneuver cutting out of the group and finding piece somewhere…but still at a sprint – AND IT ALL STARTS AGAIN!





And because it is so cute here is a pic of the two piglets currently in the infirmary (aka our class room).


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