Piglets are nursing and the black broilers go to pasture

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Piglets are nursing and the black broilers go to pasture
7/30/2013 2:34:41 AM

The piglets are happily nursing.  It seems that Red Wattle moms are much better than pot bellies.  I hate to say it out of fear of it happening – but we have not lost any piglets yet due to crushing or otherwise.  They are so cute and very sweet.  It seems that mama is a good one.  She even let’s her sister in to see her babies.  I figured she would be way more protective than she has been so far.




In other news around the farm today …this just in.  We moved the egg layers out to the pot belly paddock a few days back.  We did this to get ready to move the black broiler chicks into the chicken tractor to feed them out on pasture.  The sooner you get them under the sun and on green grass the healthier they will be.


We were to a point where we either moved half of them out of the 4’x4’ (x2) compartments they were sharing with their buddies into an additional space (seen in the background in the pic above) or just move them to the tractor.  It makes more sense to get them outside now as it is warm at night.  If it was still cool they would probably be to young to handle the outdoors just yet.




At first they didn’t really know what to do here.  What is all this crazy green stuff!  But after about 5 minutes they were catching grass hoppers…which if you have ever owned more than one chicken before immediately inspires a game of “MINE!!!”  …tag you’re it!




Here you can see the trading of grass hopper parts.


And here is where total chaos begins!


Once we got the water bucket hung up (new chicken tractor watering system coming soon) the mob was on.


And then there was McKayla with the baby Donkey!  So cute.


If you know of anyone that is interested in buying a hand held huggable loveable baby donkey let me know!  He will be ready to re-home soon.


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