All the pigs sure love their new shade cloth - and apparently we have piglets

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All the pigs sure love their new shade cloth - and apparently we have piglets
7/29/2013 7:07:59 PM

As is almost always the case on the farm, things just don’t happen as expected.  Instead there is almost always a better story that follows what was planned.


Today I am working from home.  I was writing some code and having meetings as usual.  Then it was time to go get some lunch with my wonderful wife (a perk of working at home).  But first I ask if anyone had fed the pigs yet.

No.  NO!???  I was not happy.

Off to feed the pigs I go.  We got another 6 trays of fodder.  This is great because it means that we can give something different and fun to each and every one of our critters.  They all love fodder.

Then we grabbed a bucket of corn and headed off to the new pig paddock out back.  This is past the barn and is a small trek to get out there.  We loaded up the wheel barrow and dragged the food stuffs out that way.

Once I get up to the edge of the paddock I am surprised to see that the majority of pigs are lounging under the new shade cloth that we installed yesterday.  This effectively doubled their shaded area!  I was so happy.  I snuck up on them to take some quick photos (because once they know it is feeding time they sprint over to you).






With the recon complete and everyone still snuggling together under the shade we set to feeding the piggers.  I like to break up their fodder and feed that first.  Once the majority of the fodder is consumed I then go in and spread their corn around an uninvestigated/tilled area.  This helps to get them to root about and stomp down the grasses.


We have several pigs that are quite pregnant on the property at the moment.  So while I am out feeding and chatting with the pigs Jess decides to look for any sign of piglets.

Holy cow!  We have piglets.  Apparently they were had last night.  7 babies.  4 girls and 3 boys.





20130729_120921       20130729_120923

20130729_120954       20130729_120959


20130729_121045       20130729_121108

They are totally different from the pot belly babies.  None of these little guys squealed once while we were checking them.  They were totally ok with being held and petted.






While out and about I stumbled upon a horde of happy dung beetles.  Not sure why I am so fascinated with these guys these days…perhaps after seeing a TED talk on them I respect them more.


And of course all the other barnyard critters want to say hi too!


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