Po-boy ramen pho soup

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Po-boy ramen pho soup
7/15/2013 5:47:06 PM

Working from home has certain privileges.  One of my favorites is that I get to have lunch with my family.  The other is that I get to eat directly from my garden.  Today we made a po-boy (as in cheap) top ramen pho – american style!  Phew that is a mouth full.  This soup is built out of wonderful bits from the garden, some kraft cheese slices, and hot sauce.  And it is a household favorite!


Get the ingredients

My favorite part of any meal is when I get to go out to the garden and pick some fresh veggies.  For this meal we need a cayenne pepper, a couple of basil leaves, and some trimmings from a green onion.



Next I used a couple bags of Beef Top Ramen soup, a healthy squirt of sriracha sauce, and a couple slices of Kraft cheese.

Prep the ingredients

Once we have the peppers, onions, and basil leaves, I finely chopped them up.  This spreads the flavor into the soup and makes the soup more colorful.






Toss this, a big squirt of the hot sauce, and the cheese slices into your top ramen mix.  Put that into the microwave for 3 minutes and you are good to go.

Add a bit more hot sauce after it is cooked to get the hotness you like.



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