Veggie updates from our temporary aquaponics system

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Veggie updates from our temporary aquaponics system
6/30/2013 2:25:05 AM

We should start seeing some squash pretty soon!


Here comes the cantaloupe!  This thing is literally taking over.  The vines from this one plant have decided to go every which way.




And the peppers.  Wish we knew what kind of peppers this group was.  They didn’t come with a label.



Here is another shot of the squash.  Its hard to see but it seems like we have something attacking the squash.  It totally took out one of our other plants.  It seems like something is eating away a the squash from the inside out.


Here are some cayennes.


Here are the tiny yellow pear tomato's.  They are so nummy but they don’t seem to produce to many fruit all at once.  We sample them now and then.  Jess and I split one…funny since they are so small.


At some point we will get some black eye beans out of these very healthy plants.  They are probably the most successful plant we have short of possibly the basil.


We didn’t think this kale was going to make it when we brought it home.  It certainly doesn’t like as much sun or heat as it has been getting.  But the cold water from the aquaponics seems to be doing the trick to keep it growing!



We still remain quite amazed that these little green onion left over plantings are doing so well.  Can’t wait to eat them again…and grow them again.


The little thyme that could…


Here are all four of the planters we currently have plugged into the system.


If you have even the smallest space to dedicate to an aquaponics system you should give it a try.  The veggies will grow as though they were super charged!

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