Started building our paddock piggy house

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Started building our paddock piggy house
6/30/2013 1:49:37 AM

We are very close to being ready to move our big pigs out to pasture.  This has really been a long time coming.  But as with everything on the farm you have a list of things to do…and a list of things that must be done now!

Now that we have more pigs than our little yard should handle we need to get them moved to the 1/2 acre paddocks that we started.  In order to get the paddocks completed we have to connect the newly strung hot wires.  But even once the wires are actually hot we can’t yet move the pigs.

It’s summer time in Texas don’t ya know?  In our current paddock set up there are no trees and therefore there is no shade.  We need to build a pig house.

Let’s start the construction!  After hearing tales about other people’s pig houses getting torn apart by their pigs I thought we would build our house out of something welded.  For that reason we decided to build their house at 1” x 1” square steel.  Let’s start cutting!




I decided to build an 8’ x 8’ square room with a 4’ porch for added shade.  I also thought that our summer are pretty hot so we are planning on building the sides so that they can either be removed, be 2’ tall, or be 4’ tall, depending on how hot or cold it is outside.






Hopefully I will get the final welding done tomorrow.  I have to add the doorway to the front and a few more corner braces.  More to come!

Finnegan says howdy!


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