We just got four more red wattles

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We just got four more red wattles
6/30/2013 1:31:53 AM

A buddy of mine is closing down his farm.  Part of closing a working farm is re-homing your critters.  Fortunately he was a red wattle farmer like me!  Actually we bought our starter stock together.  His boar is the brother of my boar.  And our sows are sisters!

Well it seemed natural that they would come to our farm.  So we are buying them from him.  But where to put them?  Our piggers are still living in the hot wire training yard which is pretty good sized – about a 1/6 of an acre.  But I don’t think keeping 7 pigs in there is a great idea.  This has forced us to up our game on the electric fence and the 1/2 acre paddocks.



We had some tussles to figure out the pecking order…nobody got hurt though.



Once things settled down though everyone was quite happy.



Then the new pigs found our very well used mud hole.  They love it!



Such happy pigs!


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