Building nesting boxes for the chicken tractor

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Building nesting boxes for the chicken tractor
6/24/2013 12:55:16 AM

We have been raising about 60 hens of various types in our Salatin style chicken tractor.  They are almost ready to start laying.  The problem with that is the fact that we move the chicken tractor on a daily basis.  Sometimes more than once.  If the ladies lay their eggs on the ground, where ever they want, collecting them would be quite difficult.  Time to build some nesting boxes!


Thank you so much for your help today Lynnette Swonke!  I don’t think I would have finished them in the same day I started them without you.


We built them to be as light weight as possible.  I plan to attach them to the chicken tractor and didn’t want to add much weight to it. 


For that reason we ripped down some 2” x 4”s to 3/4” x 1-1/2” for the roof frame (4 sticks created from 1 board).  And we used standard 2”x2”s for the outer perimeter of the floor frame with the smaller timber used as spanners.  The roof, back, and sides were made out of Lauan plywood (really thin plywood).  The floor is chicken wire.  And we added a 1”-4” to the front of the boxes to keep the straw and eggs from falling out of the nest.


We made two of them and will attach them to the center spine of the chicken tractor we recently made. 


This will give us a total of 12 nesting boxes for the 60 ladies we currently have in the tractor.  5 ladies per box is generally the maximum capacity you would want per box.

Then we gave them a quick painting …but ran out of paint!  Oops..spray paint is not the right approach.  We will pick up some enamel paint this week.


More pics to come once they are mounted and occupied by our ladies!


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