Finally started sprouting for the research project

Just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund scientific research around the nutritional break down of fodder at various stages of growth for our book on Fodder. Please check it out!

Finally started sprouting for the research project
4/22/2014 4:38:26 PM

As some of you may already know I recently started a kickstarter campaign and was successfully funded (read more about the campaign)!  My campaign was to raise money for a research project I needed to have someone a scientific lab do as part of the Fodder book I am writing.  Once the campaign was funded and the money was collected I immediately ordered a bunch of different seeds.  Some of the common seeds.  And some not so common.  The whole point of my research is to build up a nutrition profile for each seed type so that we can formulate a proper diet based mostly on fodder by mixing and matching seeds for a given type of animal.   Well the seeds showed up so I built the counter top fodder system and started the sprouting process!


To kill two birds with one stone I intended to build the counter top system as part of the research project.  Both topics are to be covered in the fodder book.  I selected some simple and cheap aluminum lasagna dishes.  They are about 4” deep and should be strong enough to be stacked in an alternating pattern like below.  This should provide the fodder enough room to sprout for at least the first 4 or 5 days.  Also, this stack pattern will provide plenty of room for good air flow to help keep any mold from getting started.


I then took a rubber trivet and a meat flavor injection needle and proceeded to poke tiny holes in the bottom of the tray.  Notice that the holes are poked along the raised bead at the bottom to keep seeds from block the holes when draining.  Just push the tip of he needle through…not the entire body.  Remember that the weight of the wet seeds will cause the bottom of the tray to sag slightly so also put a couple holds near the center to get the final drippings out.




The end result is to stack multiple trays (7-8) so that you can use one tray of fodder per day.  Notice that the trays are positioned on top of tray used under a drying rack for dishes.  This set up should feed a hand full of rabbits, chickens, etc.  Ask the wife before putting the trays in your bathroom (don’t worry wife…I moved this arrangement to the laundry room - too much moisture in there).


Once this was prepped I started with the seeds.  I decided to start sprouting the Lowes brand BOSS seeds that I happened across and the Johnny’s Barley.



I put them into my existing soak buckets (look here for how to build those).  Rinsed the dirt and debris off of the seeds.  Then I swirled them about for a bit and drained them.  I always soak in fresh clean water after having rinsed the seeds.  This should help with mold issues down the road.  I intend to soak these seeds for 4 hours.



Once these seeds complete their soak at around 3pm today I will start another batch of seeds soaking.

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