V2 fodder system enhancements

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V2 fodder system enhancements
3/24/2014 2:24:47 AM

Not too long ago we built a fodder system for one of our neighbors.  We built it in the same manner that we built our first MVP fodder system.  But it was built as any version two product is - based on the learning's from the first system.  Since then the system has had some further improvements applied to it.  Specifically it was ported from a sump based system to a fresh water system.  It is now fully automated short of filling the trays with seeds.


Here are the first posts around this system:



My friend has since added a fresh water tank with a standard stock tank auto filling system using a float valve.  The water input is hooked directly to the bath tub faucet.   And the float valve keeps the tank full of fresh water.


The pump was then moved into the fresh water tank.  And as soon as it is time to soak the fodder system, the pump kicks on via the electric timer (as before).  As the water is sucked into the fodder system, the float drops with the water level, and the house pressurized water is turned on to fill the holding tank.  The fodder system now always has fresh water and enough of it to keep the fodder happy.


This means that the chore of emptying the sump tank no longer exists.  But even more importantly than making the system have less steps to take care of it, fresh water means healthier and easier to grow fodder.  Mold issues are easier to manage as well.

Great job Devin!

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