Tasting our first red wattle meat

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Tasting our first red wattle meat
3/11/2014 5:28:16 PM

We recently had the opportunity to be a part of processing the first pig from our farm.  This in and of itself was exciting.  But getting the opportunity to taste some Red Wattle was what we were really looking forward too.  Up to this point we have had faith that the meat will taste better than corporate pork.  We did lots of research prior to buying into this breed.  And Red Wattle shows up at the top of every list put out by top chefs all over.  But now we can answer the question “what does it taste like” with confidence.  It is awesome!


From all the meat that was rendered from the 200lb pig that was processed we received some shoulder cuts and some head sausage.  Notice how nicely marbled this meat is.


We quickly fried them up in a pan with no added seasoning.  Just pork to see what the meat actually tasted like.


Perfectly browned.


Notice that Red Wattle really isn’t “the other white meat”.


This particular specimen wasn’t grass fed or pasture raised.  So it did come with a tad bit more fat than we are expecting from animals raised on our property.  Not that fat is bad…mmmm!


The kids asked us “are you cooking Porky?”  …the name our friend gave her pig.  Yes.  “I don’t want to eat Porky!”.  We asked that each child at least try one bite of this pig.  “That bite is too big!”  One bite.  “MMMM…that’s good”  …pork is all gone.


Farm raised pork and eggs.


We have lots of piglets on the property if you are interested in having us raise some for you!

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