Attended an Animal Welfare Approved audit yesterday

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Attended an Animal Welfare Approved audit yesterday
1/15/2013 3:43:00 PM

I am so very happy to report that the Arcadian Haven pretty much passed their initial AWA audit yesterday.  Out of something like 204 points in the audit they passed 198 of them.  A few were marked as NC (non-compliant) and 3 were marked as CNC (critically non-compliant).  The ones that were marked as CNC were very easy to get passed.  In fact I think they found a resolution for each of the items yesterday.

This is very good news for Friendly Pastures as we are also seeking the very high rating of the AWA certification.  After seeing the audit first hand yesterday I am very happy to be pursuing membership with this group.  The auditor was very thorough and knowledgeable.   I think that of all the great points the auditor made my favorite was:

In all cases where you have a problem there are three steps to resolving it that you should always follow:

  1. Is there a free solution to this problem
  2. Is there a cheap solution to this problem
  3. Is this really a problem?

The mantra for the AWA group seemed to follow some very simple principles.  Above all is the action being taken right for the animal?  But they do not necessarily force unrealistic constraints on farms such that the AWA is not attainable by all those interested in providing good care to their critters.  This is good to know.

We will be applying for our AWA membership very soon.

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