Horse rides are back in fashion

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Horse rides are back in fashion
12/5/2013 2:09:20 PM

Horses on our ranch are more of a set of pets than they are a tool to get work done on the property.  This means that for the most part our horses just get to be horses!  But now and then we go through times when riding is at the top of mind for several of my kids.  When this happens Jessy gets called into action!  He is one of my quarter horses which we bought specifically to be the “kids horse”.  He does this job very well.


Any time we have a part at our house (such as this last Thanksgiving) we generally have a stretch of time dedicated to giving horse rides.  This generally means that we get Jess all ready to ride.  Put a saddle on him.  And a put a kid on him.  Then I lead him around the roads on our property.  Kids that don’t ride generally love this.  I have a feeling that Jess says “ah crap…not again”.


They both had their eyes closed!



He is always aware of his child passengers.  Watch those ears!


My McKayla is a wonderful animal person.  She is a very responsible young person when it comes to her various animal charges.  She is the latest one to be “in to horses”.



Not long after coming to Texas I picked up a couple of brothers – white paso finos.  BIG BOYs for that breed.  They are both project horses in one way or another. 

The big big boy…we will call him Prince…as his papers have a hard to pronounce fancy boy name…was a stud.  Someone put some great time into him to get his ground manners to be awesome.  However, I think they forgot to teach him how to have a leg thrown over him.  He is a rocket ship when you get on.  Trying to calm him a bit. 

The other horse who is the older brother by a year…we will call him Stormy…cause his papers call him Stormy, is tied to the presence of his brother.  He is a wonderful ride as long as he can have his eyes on his bigger younger brother.





I like to put time on Jessy as often as possible so that he keeps in his mind what riding is actually like.  I try to minimize kids that don’t ride from having any control over his face.  Poor fella has a hard enough time with general kid duty.20131201_103218


But Kayla has come a long ways to “knowing” how to ride.  She has built up her confidence on horses quite a bit!



Bob! …the dog that adopted us.


She loves this horse (even though he technically belongs to Trinity).




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