Went to visit one of our feeder piglets

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Went to visit one of our feeder piglets
12/3/2013 8:19:39 PM

One of our good friends purchased one of our first batch piglets to raise with her father as a feeder.  We were invited to go see her at her new home.  She seemed to be very happy in her new environment.  They had trained the pig to walk in a harness to get some fresh grass while her stall is cleaned out.  Very happy healthy piglet!


She is a big friendly girl.  There are advantages to keeping a pig in a stall and feeding her scraps, milk, and all sorts of other goodness.  BIG BIG girl.


You got food for me?


She loves bread!


Here she is getting some fresh pasture rooting and grass tid-bits.


She is a natural born dozer.


And she has some very big friends that share the paddock with her.  This is “Marbles” the bull.


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