Aquaponics update - good and bad

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Aquaponics update - good and bad
12/3/2013 7:47:58 PM

We recently had a cold front blow through.  We had several days where the temps got down in the freezing zone.  The up side to this is that most of our plants made it through this.  However, some plants died.  And worse, we lost a lot of fish!


We still seem to produce quite a few good tomatoes.


Lots of this stuff which no one in our family seems to be able to eat.


The originally store bought green onion continue to produce.  We cut and cut and cut…and they keep growing.


The Cilantro we recently picked up seems to be growing well too.  I don’t grow enough of it (yet) to want to cut any of it down.


Our squash mostly pooped out on us though.  Almost entirely due to the frost.  It was doing great up until this point.


The peppers of all sorts seem to continue to thrive.


Mrs. Farmer decided to clean out all the dead bits.


Middle Daughter picked up all the tomatoes.


But then we noticed that things were not so good inside.  We had lost a handful from our first batch of babies.  Not too bad as their separation tank was pretty deep and close to the bottom of the big fish tank.


The big fish were very cold and moving quite slow.  They pretty much stopped eating.  And for the most part just looked at us with little movement.




I didn’t get a pic of it, but the second separation tank for the most recent babies looked like a battle zone.  No good at all. 

I can’t wait to move all of this operation into a big semi-controlled green house.  The fish will go into a heavily insulated fish house where the water temps can be entirely controlled.

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