11-10-2013 Another birthing of red wattle piglets

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11-10-2013 Another birthing of red wattle piglets
12/3/2013 7:17:25 PM

I am so happy that our “big mama” did so well with her second delivery.  You may recall in her first delivery she only had (or we only found) 1 piglet.  At that time she was still on our buddies ranch.  A die hard pig farmer would only give her one more chance at birthing an acceptable amount of piglets otherwise she would be deemed ready to be culled from the heard.  This time around she had 9 babies.  We lost 5 to the cold.  But 4 are here and strong.


As it turns out “big mama” is a great mother.  She had her babies and did her best to keep them close while she had the rest.  And, as it seems is the case with all Red Wattles, the father was equally awesome.  Thankfully we had given her a new house recently to get them out of the wind and rain right before the big cold front that blew in.  With a little hay all was good.


It took no time at all for the little guys to start exploring their new world.


I love how their little ears curl up and back when they first pop out.


Seeing the size difference between “big mama” and her wee ones is astonishing.  It doesn’t take long for them to catch up though.


They are very bold intelligent animals at a young age.  “What are you looking at?”


In the first couple of weeks the mama is very specific about no critters (she did allow her human folk in close though) are allowed to get anywhere near her new babies.  But after a while they all start to mingle.



The upside of only having 4 in a litter is that there is plenty of milk to go around.  This makes for some happy pudgy piggers.


If you are interested in purchasing a piglet as a feeder contact us.  If you are interested in select cuts of premium Red Wattle pork, 1/2 a pig, or a full pig take a look here for more details.

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