A quick pig-loo before heavy rains

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A quick pig-loo before heavy rains
10/29/2013 2:02:54 AM

I find myself building lots of ad-hock animal housing these days.  We had a big TEXAS style storm coming our way last week.  I felt the need to get a couple of pig-loo’s built to keep my bigger piggers out of the rain.  I was able to tear a pig-loo down out of one field and reconstruct it in another.  This is a quick post so here goes!

The site for the new house.


A happy lady waiting for her new house.


The building materials.


And BAM…we have a house!


You can see that we went from day light to night light with the storm rolling in fast.

The kicker?  They still don’t use it.  They prefer their wild and natural life and have instead built a nest out in the tall weeds.

Oh well…points for trying to be a thoughtful steward of my critters.  At least the goat has the common sense to get out of the rain.

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