Our Story

Just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund scientific research around the nutritional break down of fodder at various stages of growth for our book on Fodder. Please check it out!

Early on in my life I was pretty sure that California wasn't the place for me. After getting out of school and leaving for the Army I quickly learned how many other states were more my style. I was stationed in WA for several years - what a beautiful place! If only their economy wasn't as messed up as California's. Oh well. I got out of the military and returned to the place I was born - California.

Not long after getting out of the military I met my wife Jessica. She and I hit it off pretty well in our first few hours and had covered everything we wanted out of life. One of the things we both wanted was to live on a ranch. Once we got married and got our feet under us we started to look for a property in the area we lived in in California. We looked for at least a year and found that while we were doing pretty good money wise we still couldn't afford to live the way we wanted if we stayed in that state.

We started doing research and found that Austin and many other Texas cities frequently made the "top 10" list for this that or the other thing. Family? Fitness? Fun? Cost of living? Texas had it all. I started talking to my buddies about moving to Texas as I geared up for it. One of those buddies moved out to Texas before me! My wife and I came out to see him and the wonderful city of Austin.

While in Austin for the weekend Jessica and I met up with a local real-estate agent and took a quick tour of the town. We saw everything. And while on this tour we saw all the top 10 lists in action. It was...and still is...amazing. We decided to move to Austin.

I moved out to Austin in September of 2010. I had a little apartment in south Austin. My wife and 6 kids were still back in California. While I worked my wife worked with the real-estate agent to locate a few properties to look at. It didn't take too long and we found the absolute perfect house for us, our kids, and our future ranch plans. We moved in December of 2010.

As soon as we hit the ground here we started prepping our ranch to become a working ranch. When we first moved in the place had all sorts of fencing...but you couldn't contain anything in them as none of them connected! Gates were missing. Boards were rotted out. This was a real problem as we brought with us several dogs and 3 horses. We quickly closed up several areas to let the horses run while we worked to get the barn to a functioning state with a small corral.

Once the horses were good to go we turned out attention to raising other animals. We were in a Tractor Supply store where we ran across some chickens, ducks, and geese babies. We of course picked up several boxes of them and brought them home. Boy did we have no idea at that time what was required to raise baby birds. We learned.

We are now to a point where we raise enough animals on our farm to support our family...and hopefully yours!