Just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund scientific research around the nutritional break down of fodder at various stages of growth for our book on Fodder. Please check it out!

As we keep adding animals to our ranch we find that our feed bills keep going up. Go figure right? So I started looking into alternatives for our feeding predicament. Of course we had no intent to sacrifice the quality of the food we feed to the many critters we care for. But surely there had to be something we could do.

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It didn't take long before we came across something similar to our aquaponic way of doing things.

We found fodder! When I first started reading about fodder it sounded a bit too good to be true. Can you really turn one pound of seed into up to ten pounds of feed? No way!

As with many things here on the farm we ended up getting a bit obsessed over the topic. Eventually after reading everything we could and watching all the videos we could - we built a fodder system. Our first fodder system was a 7 foot tall, 7 shelf set up capable of holding 21 10x20 trays. This bad boy is fully automated and self contained. All we had to do was add seed, change the water source now and then, and pull out the awesome fodder!


We are now feeding fodder to all of our animals (except the dogs and cats of course). The pigs, hogs, goat, chickens, geese, horses, donkeys, and rabbits - all love the fodder that we produce on this easy to build fodder rack. And talk about a reduction in the cost.

And with the reduced feed bill we were able to switch over to 100% organic feed!

We like fodder so much for our farm we thought we would help make it easier for other farmers to get into fodder on their farms too. Follow us on as we write this book in public. Feel free to give us as much feedback as possible to make this the best fodder book possible!